Heisenbar, Digbeth

I love a good cooking class; you get to have a day out, eat delicious food, and come away with a load of new skillz.

Last Thursday, however, I went to a cooking class of a slightly different kind; one your mother definitely wouldn’t approve of. I would be joining my classmates in a beat up RV in Digbeth to cook up some meth à la Breaking Bad.

Manned by a motley crew of Birmingham’s best bartenders, Heisenbar takes you on a molecular journey to the elusive “blue meth” via nitrogen infused jalapeños, an adults-only breakfast dish and a shitload of test tubes.

With six cocktails plus two dishes included you get a full evening out for £40, and it’s properly boozy; the next day I felt bad enough to believe I could have been smashing out the meth. Luckily for me, I could tell my boss that I’d been participating in important scientific research; luckily for you, their next events are at the weekend. Limited tickets are available here, so book quickly if you want to get your fix.



One comment on “Heisenbar, Digbeth”
  1. SudsEats says:

    Looks such a laugh. Did the meth taste good? £40 is very good considering it’s £8 a cocktail usually.

    Liked by 1 person

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