Siamais, Brindley Place

Before I start, you might notice that all the pictures in this post are of a much higher quality than usual. No, I haven’t suffered a head injury and awoken with a mysterious talent for photography (like those people who wake up and can suddenly speak Chinese). In all honesty I dropped my phone – complete with pictures from Siamais – down the loo and had to beg the lovely Anita of Delicious PR to send me some to use. All the images featured in this post were taken by the incredibly talented Didar Virdi. Thanks for coming to the rescue! 

Good Thai food can be a little hard to come by in Birmingham city centre, so I was excited to hear that Siamais was opening in Brindley Place, on the site of the former Thai Edge restaurant. Their press night was held on a suitably balmy evening – well, as balmy as it gets in Brum – and a glass of champagne on arrival further warmed my mood. 

Siamais is split into two distinct areas; the main restaurant area towards the back and a beautiful bar at the front. The attention to detail in the bar’s decor is stunning, from the apothecary style glass jars lining one wall to the gothic-esque skulls encased in birdcages which hang from the ceiling. I reckon it’s one of those places that you can visit a dozen times and still notice something new every time – especially after a few cocktails. 

Speaking of cocktails, as is to be expected from Aluna’s sister venue the drinks menu is impressive. I am told it runs to 40 pages, but I didn’t count. Every cocktail we tried was served with a side of theatre – think smoking teapots to vessels that wouldn’t look out of place in a chemistry lab – by the unfailingly personable bar staff. And importantly, they tasted very, very good. 

The restaurant area has a sleek, upmarket feel. Dark wood, creamy leather upholstery and stonework combine with modern touches such as two long high tables illuminated with a bright white glow and perfect for large groups. We start with a mixed house platter in which the satay chicken and chicken wrapped in pandanus leaf are the stand out components. I’m reliably informed that the gluten free Tom Yum soup was also excellent. 

My main is a generous portion of chicken stir fried with red chilli paste, bamboo shoots, red and green peppers, onions, peppercorns and sweet basil. The heat and crunchy texture of the vegetables make this an enjoyable dish that I’d happily tuck into again. 

We finish off the meal with coconut Thai sticky rice and mango. The presentation is pretty; the orange of the mango is placed nicely against green leaves and purple flowers, but the flavour fails to excite me and the mango is a little harder than I would like. My advice would be to save your sweet tooth for trying one of the numerous cocktails on offer instead. 

With a beautiful setting, fun cocktails and decent menu, I’m pretty sure this place will be a hit. I would have no complaints about returning for dinner or drinks, and it’s probably one of the best choices for casual dining in Brindley Place. Thanks to Siamais and Delicious PR for a wonderful evening!

Disclaimer: As it was a press evening, the night was complimentary. All views always my own. 

Siamais is at 6 Brindleyplace, 7 Oozells St, B1 2HS. WEBSITE