Lunch menu at Buffalo & Rye

If you’re looking for your lunchtime cheese and meat fix, look no further than the new lunch menu at Buffalo & Rye. Serving up a variety of American inspired sandwiches and subs, prices start from just £6.75 and include fries and a drink (choose from alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on how much work you need to do later).

This week (purely for research purposes – my aim is to serve you) I tested out and rated the whole sandwich menu. Here’s what it looks like:


First up, the St Louis Gerber. With thick slices of smoky ham, gherkins and an obscene amount of cheese, this is basically pimped up cheese on toast.  Rating: 7/10

I loved the turkey/bacon/béchamel/BBQ sauce combination in the Hot Brown, but the bread got soggy and lost underneath it all. Delicious, but I’d rather just eat a massive bowl of the toppings. Rating: 7.5/10

The vegetarian Pimento Cheese was my surprise winner of the evening. Messy and gooey and moreish. Can I have another one please? Rating: 9.5/10

The French Dip was also a high scorer, with tender beef and bonus sauce to mop up any extra bread. Rating: 9/10

The Buffalo Reuben couldn’t go far wrong with flavours of pastrami, gherkin, sauerkraut and emmental. It could have done with slightly more pastrami, but it was a proper good sandwich. Rating: 8/10

The Chicken Po’ Boy filling was great – the crispy buttermilk chicken and smoked mayo work really well – but the bread to filling ratio was a bit high for me. Rating: 6.5/10

The Crayfish & Smashed Avocado is fresh and light; it’s probably the best choice if you don’t want to spend the afternoon in a food coma. Personally I’d never choose this over the meat and cheese, but it’s good to see there’s an alternative on the menu. Rating: 6.5/10

The sandwiches are hot, tasty and a little bit messy. With such big portions, it’s a great value lunch option and you’ll definitely leave full. We may have invented the sandwich, but America have perfected it (and added fries).

Disclaimer: Buffalo & Rye invited me down to try the new lunch menu for free, but I was under no obligation to write this post and the views are all mine. 

Buffalo & Rye live at 11 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5RS. Lunch is served between 12-6 everyday and can also be found on Deliveroo. WEBSITE.