Tacos & Tequila at The Plough, Harborne

The Plough is one of those pubs that everyone should have on their doorstep. Hip-but-cosy interior, great food, relaxed vibes, and very, very good looking staff…

The latest addition to their menu is “Boca Grande”, a tacos and tequila night held on Wednesday nights. I was invited down with a few of my friends to try it out, and was impressed to find that even on a mid-week evening the place was brimming with people eating, drinking and being merry.

Tequila is not my drink. Anyone who has drunk tequila with me will know this is true. I bloody love Sangria though, so I couldn’t resist trying a Tequila Sangria. And then another one. Although I’m sure they’re far from authentic, they were satisfyingly boozy and went down very easily. The tequilas are listed in order of  strength/maturity so if you prefer a more oaky flavour go for the Anejo, which has been aged for longest. If not, go for the Blanco, which isn’t aged at all.

Suitably refreshed, we ordered our food at the bar. The menu has five tacos to choose from – I think the selection changes regularly – and you get four for £12.50. Clearly this means you need to eliminate one; a difficult choice for someone as indecisive as me. On this occasion I went for the spiced pork belly, hot smoked salmon, mixed bean chilli and slow cooked brisket. Sorry chicken.

I started with the mixed bean chilli, which turned out to be my favourite. The heat of the crushed beans worked perfectly against the fresh and zesty lime and avocado, with a hint of tangy feta rounding off each mouthful.

The beef brisket was tender and moist and the blue cheese gave it a nice twist. I drizzled mine with pineapple and habanero chilli sauce which was a definite winner. On the subject of chilli sauce, The Plough has put together a mean selection of chilli sauces to accompany their tacos. From classics through to the more unusual (Wet Fart anyone?) there’s definitely something to suit everyone, including a special Boca Grande edition of Pip’s Hot Sauce.

I found the hot smoked salmon disappointing; I thought it was a little bit bland and could have done with more chilli, ginger, and smokiness. It was far from terrible though – I still would have eaten another if you’d given it to me.

The pork belly was another favourite, with the sweetness of the apple and caramelised nuts giving it a nice warmth and fruitiness. Pork and apple is a classic combination, so it was interesting to see it in a taco rather than a classic pub-style dish.

To finish off the evening, we went for some classic Mexican desserts; Eton Mess, chocolate bread and butter pudding and pecan pie. Oh, wait…

They were all delicious – the perfect level of sweet and stodgy – and with portion sizes as large you’d expect from a pub. A particular mention needs to go to the pear and brandy Eton Mess, which was so big you could use it to put someone’s window through.

Throughout the whole evening, the staff were friendly and attentive and the atmosphere fun and buzzy. It was perfect for a casual dinner with friends and I’ll definitely be going back – with so many specials and offers our next challenge is ‘A Week at The Plough’!

Disclaimer: We were invited for dinner as guests of The Plough so weren’t charged for our meal. But don’t worry, my reviews are always honest – I would hate to give a bad recommendation! 

Find The Plough at 21 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9NT. WEBSITE.

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Author: Nosh & Breks

I'm Claire, a food blogger with a big appetite. Find me eating, drinking (and swearing) too much, mainly in Birmingham.

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