Lobby on Hill Street Preview Evening

Moving, decorating & exams have wreaked havoc with my blogging recently and it seems like forever ago that I was invited to the Lobby on Hill Street preview evening!

It has now been open for around a month and is part of a plan by developers The Cairn Group to turn the Holiday Inn building into a ‘resort style’ destination which will in future include a sky bar, gym and more (as well as the revamped hotel).

I had a really fun evening & was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and drink on offer. As it is literally located in the lobby of the hotel, I’m not sure I’d specifically come here to eat and drink, however for anyone staying in the hotel it would be brilliant to find this menu rather than the usual rubbish.

Here’s some pictures from the preview evening:

We started the evening with canapés and champagne (the evening was kindly sponsored by Veuve Clicquot)

We also got to try our hand at making some cocktails. If I say so myself, I make a mean passionfruit daiquiri..

I loved this black pudding bubble and squeak – the egg was perfectly cooked and the sauce was lovely and rich – perfect winter comfort food!

We tried a selection of their ‘street food inspired’ menu, including cheesy chips, chicken wings, chip butties, faggot sliders and monkfish nuggets.

Lobby on Hill Street is located (unsurprisingly) on Hill Street, Birmingham, B5 4EW. WEBSITE.